Stand Out

 Turning Pro isn’t for everyone but it says something about you.  It says you’re committed and dedicated to your craft.  It say’s you’ve decided to show up everyday focused and ready to make a difference. You’re operating at a high level, bringing more possibilities.

For just £50/month our Pro Membership includes a programme creator so you can sell courses in a ready made marketplace plus much more!

With Pro membership you unlock access to programme creation.   Step into group programmes that are live or self paced Enjoy a whole new level of personal promotion and have a place where people can buy direct… Be invited as a key-note or guest speaker and speak on a ready-made platform with all the marketing done… Belong to a support network that will promote you through email and social media marketing…and enjoy more dedicated support to help your practice thrive.

Course Creation Platform
Featured Coach in Email & Social media Marketing
Speaker/Trainer Invitations
Business Support

Benefit 1

Course Creation Platform

We all have a finite about of time, so scaling a 1:1 practice is impossible, with our only option to raise prices.   Another approach is group sessions and set programmes clients engage with at their own pace.  With Pro membership you get a platform to create as many programmes, courses and challenges you like with all the Hosting, storage and backup included.  We take care of the payments so you get to focus on what you love doing.

Video Production

Benefit 2

Featured Coach in Email & Social media Marketing

As a Pro coach we’re going to help you stand out even more. Benefit from:

  • Higher rankings on search results.
  • Introduction as a featured coach on our mailing list
  • Introduction on our social media feed
  • Promoted challenges, programmes and courses as you create them. (Email, Social Media, Event Bright)
  • Stand out with our Pro Coach icon.

Benefit 3

Speaker/Trainer Invitations

Customers buy from those they trust so we make it easy to build trust and credibility. As a pro coach you’re Invited to participate in our challenge days and summits, giving you speaking and teach opportunities and more.

Benefit 4

Pro Support

As a Pro coach we’re here to help you create a thriving business where you coach more, have time to invest in yourself and spend less time managing the business. 

On top of all our other benefits you get:

  • Terms and Conditions for your clients.
  • Client Welcome Pack Template
  • 360 Style Client assessment
  • Tips on Group sessions
  • Document on Pricing
  • Facebook support group with assents
  • Post coaching feedback forms
  • Much more

Benefit 5: Connection made easy

Collaboration not competition

Be part of a mastermind peer group that is supportive and helpful. We believe that there’s enough business and clients for everybody and that together we are stronger.